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Experience “The Quality of Sound” at one of Wilmington, Delaware’s premier professional recording studios for mixed media content creation at industry standards and affordable prices. 

Location: 1127 Chestnut Street, Wilmington, DE 19905


A Mixed Media Recording Studio specializing in Media Recordings, including Music and Film, Voice-over, Podcasting, PSA, Commercial Recordings & Audio Book Production Located in Wilmington, DE since 2017.”

A trendy studio specializing in Hip Hop and R&B, Red Room Recordings  aka R3 also has experience in film and video short special audio effects, scores, social media sound byte clips, YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, and more. They also offer administration support services for copyright, publishing and digital distribution. With an abundance of ways to help take an artist to the next level of professionalism, Red Room Recordings is seemingly a one stop shop for any aspiring musician. 


You can also book studio space for review & listening parties for an upcoming music release. Checking out their website to view their “Al-a-Carte Services” would be a great investment of time for any ready-to-record artist.

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Come and experience why R3 is known as “The Quality of Sound” 


James Bailey, Owner

R3 Rates

***Room rentals for creators available upon request***

A & B Room Studio Rates for a Variety of Audio Packages

Podcast Filming & Editing Services, Green Screen Use

Social Media, Marketing, Distribution, Web Design

Business Consulting, Notary Services, Contract Drafting, Etc.

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No question is unimportant or no project too small to take on. Book a free 15 minute consultation with R3 today to discuss how we can assist you achieve you creative goals! 

R3 is looking for content creators from a multitude of entertainment and business disciplines seeking to learn firsthand how the industry operates at a ground level. Contact us today and ask about present opportunities and our unique internships for:
Social media influencers
Social media and regular marketers
Film & video cinematographers
Audio engineers
Music producers
Business administrators
Fashion trendsetters and promoters
Graphic and web designers
On air radio personalities
Media journalist
Podcast writers and developers